Improving Municipal Energy Efficiency:
Leading by example, we will enhance the energy efficiency of municipal buildings, fleets, and operations. This includes upgrading infrastructure, implementing smart building technologies, and optimizing energy consumption to reduce costs and minimize our carbon footprint. This initiative goes beyond cost savings; it underscores our commitment to environmental stewardship by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and ensuring the long-term sustainability of our operations.

Renewable Energy Sources:
Efforts to promote the use of renewable energy sources in all land use decisions will be a priority. The town will also look to renewables as a source of economic development and public investment.

Promoting Low-Carbon Transportation:
Expanding accessibility for electric, plug-in hybrid, and low-carbon alternative fuel vehicles will be a priority. We aim to establish widespread charging capacity, encouraging the adoption of eco-friendly transportation options across North Hempstead. By doing so, we not only reduce our carbon footprint but also improve air quality and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, promoting a healthier and more sustainable community.