Not In Our Town! I support and will continue to promote and engage in the Not In Our Town effort initiated by former town supervisor Judi Bosworth in 2017.

Stop Asian Hate, Oppose Antisemitism, Reject Racism, Respect Love.

Discrimination and acts of hate against the Asian community are on the rise, fueled by prejudice and misinformation. We must stand united in the face of this injustice. As Town Supervisor, I am committed to combating Asian hate and fostering a community that celebrates diversity and inclusion by sharing our stories, educating our youth (and each other), and celebrating the Asian cultures that abound in the Town of North Hempstead.

Antisemitism is also on the rise and remains as pernicious and dangerous as ever. I will continue to work with Jewish organizations, spiritual leaders, and the residents of our town to fight, find and report antisemitism wherever it appears. As deputy county executive I have headed up a number of our county programs developed to fight antisemitism, including our county effort to adopt the IHRA definition of antisemitism. I will continue this work as North Hempstead Town Supervisor.

Racism has not gone away and we must be ever vigilant to prevent the negative impacts that result from latent bias, hateful speech, outright racial violence. We continue to have an affirmative obligation to create opportunity where decades of oppression have led to unfair and discriminatory outcomes.

With the US Supreme Court poised to eviscerate our right to privacy, we cannot take for granted the right to love whoever it is that we love. I support anyone and everyone’s right to marry who they want and will fight to preserve that right here in New York and throughout our country. Discrimination and hateful acts against the LGBTQ community are unacceptable. We must stand together to oppose all hate wherever we find it.