School Recycling and Environmental Education:
We will reinstate and expand the award-winning “Town of North Hempstead School Recycling Partnership Program,” involving all 12 local school districts. This program not only reduces waste but also instills environmental stewardship in our children, encouraging them to practice recycling at home. The program’s expansion means that we can educate more students about recycling, fostering a lifelong commitment to sustainability.

Residential Composting Cooperative:
Introducing a curbside composting pilot program in a designated area with the aim of town-wide adoption will reduce organic waste, enrich soil quality, and promote a culture of sustainability. Composting is not only an effective waste reduction strategy but also a soil enhancement practice, supporting local agriculture and community gardens.

Transition to Sustainable Waste Fleets:
Encouraging our solid waste fleets to transition to energy-efficient vehicles will lower emissions, reduce operational costs, and set a positive example for the community. This initiative aligns with our commitment to reducing the carbon footprint of municipal operations and supports the growth of the green vehicle industry.